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  1. Power-adjustable steering column?

    The model on display at the NYIAS still had a manual wheel based on some of the YouTube reviewers who sat in it. Doesn't mean it can't be addressed by the time it hits the market though.
  2. Pricing

    Yes. It's been proven enough times by other OEMs the "first buyers" are likely the most animated and will spend whatever it takes to get an EV/EV Truck. I'm surprised they didn't announce a "First Edition" with every option (besides larger battery) plus exclusive badging for a minumum of $110k...
  3. Ram 1500 REV Specs Released! Up to 500 Miles Range, 654 HP/ 620 lb-ft, 14,000 LBS Towing, 2,700 LBS Payload

    I am also looking for this to replace my Rivian. The Sierra/Silverado twins just look too big even if they do offer 4 Wheel Steering. Late gen RAMs have always looked nice, just hope the interior is a bit nicer to the touch.