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  1. 💰 Reservation placed on the Ram 1500 REV already? Sign in here! (And share what you drive now).

    I got in early on SuperBowl Sunday (low 2000’s reservation number). Coming from a 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4x4. Test driven a Rivian R1T and F150L. Liked them both, but sadly neither could really meet my needs for towing my Airstream 300-600 miles in a day. Given the specs released...
  2. Ram 1500 REV Specs Released! Up to 500 Miles Range, 654 HP/ 620 lb-ft, 14,000 LBS Towing, 2,700 LBS Payload

    I think this forum is about to get a lot more popular (I just joined from Rivian Forums). I signed up for the REV on SuperBowl Sunday on a lark (wasn’t really serious about it), but now that I watched the specs video this is officially the leader in the clubhouse to replace my aging Tundra.